By Andrea Romano
May 13, 2019
Courtesy of SpareRoom

There’s no use denying it: Cheese. Is. Life.

Cheese is amazing in pretty much any form, but perhaps one of the best is pizza. Cheese, sauce, and bread go together so naturally, it’s easy to see why delicious four-cheese and five-cheese varieties exist.

You can’t go wrong with more cheese.

Courtesy of SpareRoom

According to Metro, apartment listing company SpareRoom is bringing the world the cheesy pizza we've only dreamed about — boasting 41 incredible kinds of cheese from around the world — to celebrate the 67th Eurovision Song Contest. For those who don't know Eurovision, The Wrap describes it as "a cross between The X Factor and the Miss Universe pageant that offers [Americans] a glimpse of what it’s like to be in a culture that doesn’t have jazz and blues as the foundation of its pop music."

While it’s not as many as the record-breaking 111-cheese pizza from Vadoli Pizzeria in Berlin, Michigan, this specialty pizza includes at least one cheese from each of the 41 different countries participating in Eurovision. And be sure to expect ones from some of the best destinations for cheese lovers, like French Camembert, Italian Parmigiano-Reggiano, and Irish Cashel Bleu cheese, Metro reported.

“Eurovision parties are popular in flatshares all over the UK and pizza is the ultimate sharing food. So what better excuse to celebrate cheesiness in all its forms,” a spokesperson for SpareRoom told Pretty52.

Unfortunately, you can only get the pizza if you’re in London, so the rest of the world will have to make do with a homemade recipe for the pizza from SpareRoom. If you are lucky enough to be in the U.K. later this month, consider putting this cheesy concoction on your bucket list

The Eurovision Song Contest broadcasts on May 18, so anyone viewing the competition can feel free to order themselves a pizza. While the limited edition “Quarantuno Formaggi” is sponsored by SpareRoom, the actual pizza can be ordered from London pizzeria Baz and Fred’s in Flat Iron Square between 12:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. on that day.

Courtesy of SpareRoom

The best part is that the cheesy pizza is completely free until supplies run out, according to Metro. You can order it in person or online using the Deliveroo website and app.

Here’s the full list of cheeses you’ll find on the “Quarantuno Formaggi,” according to Pretty52.

1. Albania - Kaçkavall style cheese
2. Armenia - Chechil Cheese Braid
3. Australia - Extra Mature Cheddar
4. Austria - Austrian Smoked Cheese
5. Azerbaijan - Kajmak Travnik
6. Belarus - Quark
7. Belgium - Pie d'Angloys
8. Croatia - Paski sir
9. Cyprus - Halloumi
10. Czech Republic - Korbaciky unsmoked
11. Denmark - Castello Danish Blue
12. Estonia - Andre style cheese
13. Finland - Leipäjuusto style cheese
14. France - Camembert
15. Georgia - Jaunpils Sulguni
16. Germany - Beechwood German Smoked
17. Greece - Epiros Greek Feta
18. Hungary - Randolder style cheese
19. Iceland - Skyr yoghurt
20. Ireland - Cashel Blue style cheese
21. Israel - Tal Haemek style cheese
22. Italy - Parmigiano Reggiano
23. Latvia - Talsu Ritulis Green
24. Lithuania - Luksiu Suris
25. North Macedonia - Kashkavel style cheese
26. Malta - Gbjena style cheese
27. Moldova - Rossiyskiy
28. Montenegro - Pljevaljski style cheese
29. Netherlands - Gouda
30. Norway - Jarlsberg
31. Poland - Mlekpol Krolewski Z Kolna
32. Portugal - Queijo Azeitao Quinta Do Anjo Dop Simões
33. Romania - Branza Burduf
34. Russia - Salt Smoked 'braid' Kosichka style cheese
35. Serbia - Bryndza
36. San Marino - Auricchio Mild Provolone
37. Slovenia - Trnic style cheese
38. Spain - Manchego
39. Sweden - Åseda Gräddost
40. Switzerland - Emmental
41. United Kingdom - Wensleydale