This year’s Minnesota State Fair is introducing some crazy new dishes. We created a quiz to see how well you know your bizarre foods.

By Chris Abell
July 05, 2016
Candied Bacon Minnesota State Fair
Credit: Courtesy of Minnesota State Fair

A good state fair is a big, hot melting pot of all things American, a showy combination of competitions, rides, livestock, and—perhaps most importantly—a whole lot of food. This year, Minnesota’s festival is bringing an array of…innovative…new culinary items to the table.

From August 25th until Labor Day, you can check out the best Minnesota has to offer. The list of new foods for this year’s fair was so eye-catching/mouthwatering/not-at-all mouthwatering that we couldn’t believe some of the dishes were real. Hence, this quiz: Can you tell which of these dishes are actually offered at the fair? (After you take the quiz, see here for more on Minnesota’s unique treats.)

Chris Abell is an editorial producer at Travel+Leisure. You can follow him on Instagram at @buildingflavors.