By Cailey Rizzo
August 21, 2017
Credit: Courtesy of DeliverRoo

No day at the beach is complete without a picnic. And now beachgoers in England don’t even need to bring their own food.

Deliveroo, a British food delivery service, is now bringing meals like Five Guys and Prezzo (a chain of Italian restaurants located throughout the U.K. and Ireland) to people on Bournemouth’s beaches via jet ski.

The service began over the weekend as a fleet of specially-trained delivery men aboard jet skis began Deliveroo’s newest unconventional service. After an order is accepted by the restaurant from the Deliveroo app, a delivery person onboard a jet ski picks it up, puts it in a waterproof backpack and jet skis over to the customer. There is no extra cost to order the jet ski delivery service, however there are only three people trained to bring food via the water — so there may be a bit of a wait for seaside diners.

Credit: Courtesy of DeliverRoo

'Knowing that so many of us enjoy the beach at this time of year presented us with the perfect opportunity to trial our jet ski deliveries, making sure customers didn't miss the last rays of sunshine while enjoying delicious dishes straight from our restaurant partners,” a Deliveroo spokesperson said in a statement.

The jet ski delivery service is in trial this month. If successful, Deliveroo could spread the service to beaches across England’s coast next year.

Earlier this month, Deliveroo launched service in Alicante, Spain, that allows vacationers to order food from 40 different restaurants directly to their recliner on the beach of their resort.