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The words “Fireball shots” conjure up many different emotions for many different types of people.

There are some who experience instant regret for something they haven’t even done yet. Others are a bit more ambivalent, remembering the particular taste of the liquor and the full-body shudders that inevitably follow every sip. And then there are those who shout “FIREBALL!” and, like magic, seem to pull out their own bottle from thin air.

For those who fall in the last camp, there is a new way to enjoy your favorite brand of cinnamon whiskey: Fireball gummy bears.

Recently unearthed on Etsy, Fireball gummy bears are, in fact, a very real thing.

Fireball Gummy Bears

Irish Confectionary Co. sells bags of 100 “Fire Cubs” for $5.79.The company just sold out of this option, but in the meantime, it’s also possible to pick up gummy bears that are flavored like wine, rum or wildberry moonshine.

Another Etsy shop, VineGelee, sells fireballs by weight. It’s possible to pick up four ounces of bears for $9.95 or go all out with a whole pound for $29.95. For those trying to add a bit of class to a Fireball-flavored gummy bear (cheers to you), VineGelee suggests freezing the bears and then adding them to glasses of wine.

However, there’s always a third option: Buy your own gummy bears, soak them in Fireball in the fridge for a few hours, and let collegiate nostalgia wash over you.