When in St. Moritz.

Credit: Photo by Si Barber/Bloomberg via Getty Images

An unidentified Chinese man in Switzerland spent $10,000 on a rare glass of whisky, local news outlets reported.

The Waldhaus Hotel in St. Moritz is home to a whisky bar with a 2,500-bottle selection, Agence-France Presse reported.

The bottle of Macallan Scotch, reportedly dating from 1878, is valued at 50,000 Swiss francs — or approximately $51,419.

At first, the hotel refused to sell a glass of the scotch, with the manager telling news outlet 20 Minuten that he feared the cork would disintegrate upon opening the bottle. The cork did not disintegrate, however, and the hotel manager was able to pour the guest his glass.

The story grew more complicated over the weekend, after a whisky blog alleged that the bottle was a fake. Now that it has been opened, however, whisky experts can test it for its authenticity. Manager Sandro Bernasconi said the hotel is more than willing to comply.

“I already spoke to the guest from China. He also heard of the forgery rumors but he did not blame us since the bottle had been unopened and the authenticity could not be checked,” Bernasconi told 20 Minuten. “I am not afraid of the result. I want to know the truth.”