A dining experience for the daring.

By Lindsey Campbell
October 22, 2016

There are a lot of strange restaurant experiences a traveler can have. You can dine in the middle of a waterfall, inside a picturesque cave in Italy, over the edge of a cliff in China, and you can even dine underwater. But, the ‘Dinner in the Sky’ experience brings unique dining to a whole new level—quite literally.

The concept hoists visitors hundreds of feet into the sky on a “flying” table for a chance to enjoy a meal high above their favorite city, giving guests dinner with a view like no other.

Diners begin on the ground where they are buckled into their seat around the table and joined on the platform by their chef, wait staff, bartender, and even entertainment before being lifted (with feet dangling) into the sky for the duration of their meal. While some may say don’t look down, we recommend giving it a quick peek—the birds-eye view of the city below isn’t one you’ll soon forget.

Worthy of any daring traveler’s bucket list, Dinner in the Sky is available in over 40 countries around the world.