Picnic Society by Gwen is opening at The Grove in Los Angeles on Sept. 14.

Curtis Stone at Gwen
Credit: Clay Larsen

Curtis Stone wants to make sure you eat the most delicious meal possible, even if it’s not while sitting in one of his restaurants. And now he's even willing to pack your lunch for you.

The renowned Michelin-Starred chef is teaming up with The Grove, the famed Los Angeles retail, dining, and entertainment destination, to bring Angelino’s a four-month popup known as the Picnic Society by Gwen.

Opening its doors on Sept. 14 for an exclusive four-month residency, the destination will offer a menu influenced by Stone’s butcher shop, Gwen in Hollywood.

“The world has changed in recent months, and so has the way that we enjoy food and come together. I began thinking back to the stories of early 19th century gatherings of ‘picnic societies’ in Europe,” Stone shared in a statement. “With good food and the right company, you can really make anywhere in the world your restaurant, and I look forward to elevating this experience for the Los Angeles community.”

The full-service restaurant will feature an extensive grab-and-go picnic market including salads, sandwiches, and European classics. It will also feature an extensive selection of spreads, cheeses, charcuterie, vegetables, and delicacies all curated by Curtis and his team.

“The menu is heavily influenced by that of the menu at Gwen, and a few of my favorite Picnic Society items include the classic steak frites, grilled lobster, our signature Gwen burger, and the housemade dry cures and salami,” Stone shared with Travel + Leisure via email. “It’s not a secret that I have a sweet tooth and our pastry team has knocked it out of the park with portable desserts in jars and more refined indulgences.”

Alongside the food menu, Picnic Society will also offer pre-made baskets, miniature tables, blankets, and cutlery, so guests can go from store to picture-perfect picnic in a snap.

“We have everything from picnic baskets, to blankets, to miniature tables which can be easily set up on the lawn,” Stone added. “I drew from my own experiences of what my family and I utilize when we picnic outdoors and wanted to ensure that Picnic Society carried everything you might need and serve as a one-stop-shop for our guests.”

As for his own personal favorite destination for a picnic, Stone revealed, “My backyard has been a bit of a refuge. My wife surprised me with a movie night with the boys for Father’s Day and hired WonderTents to set up a screen and popcorn machine. I’m hoping to involve them in Picnic Society as well. LA is great for picnics and I’ll spread a blanket anywhere from Griffith Park to the beach. Aussies love a good picnic too so it’s in my blood.”

Hoping for more picnics in the future? Stone may one day be able to deliver.

“I’m always looking for ways to expand our offerings and service the community,” he said. “Picnic Society is another opportunity to address the events of this year and my hope is to inspire people to gather in responsible ways with generous space between them around beautiful food and great company.”