This Bloody Mary Comes With a Burger and Cheese Curds on Top

Because Wisconsin.

This Completely Absurd Bloody Mary Has a Burger and Cheese Curds On it
Photo: Sodelmans Pub and Grill

The “Chicken Fried Bloody Mary” is everything you could hope for and more: an 80 oz. Bloody Mary topped with cheeseburger sliders, bacon-wrapped jalapeno cheeseball skewers, along with some more traditional bloody mary garnishes.

Oh, and a four-pound chicken.

We can thank Sobelman's Pub & Grill in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for this creation. Unfortunately, the Chicken Fried Bloody Mary was a temporary menu item to help raise money for the HungerTask Force, but it's an ode to the truly museum-worthy drinks you can buy every day at the establishment.

The bar and restaurant is known for three different Bloody Marys: The Crown Mary, The Baconado, and The Masterpiece. The last is the most intriguing.

The Masterpiece is quite literally an entire meal on top of a drink: pickled asparagus, pickled Brussels sprouts, green onion, a dill pickle spear, a stalk of celery, olives, cherry tomatoes, pepperoncini, cheese curds, jumbo shrimp, lemon, a cured sausage stick, and a cheeseburger slider.

All of that on top of the already savory drink mix, and you've got a meal to share.

And because it's the Midwest, this completely over-the-top, dream-worthy Bloody Mary is only $11.

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