Learn to master household tasks, make the most of your grocery budget, minimize food waste, and much more.


If you were among the folks left out of the early lockdown race to bake bread, you’re not alone. A shortage of key ingredients left many Americans without the necessary supplies to bake that perfect loaf. Whole Foods wants to help make sure that never happens again.

Whole Foods Market is getting into the online education space with Home Ec 365, a series it’s positioning as the evolution of home economics instruction. Part of what it’s looking to teach: how to make substitutions in recipes for ingredients you may not be able to find or don’t have on hand.

Whole Foods is partnering with influencers like Joy Wilson and Sophia Roe on its curriculum, which also teaches people how to make the most of their grocery budgets, minimize food waste, and master household tasks like cleaning. Classes will be conducted online through the platform Teachable.

Whole Foods is hoping the lessons will help viewers build serious adulting skills while also shopping for more Whole Foods store brand products. Classes are free, but you’ll have to buy your own supplies.

Roe’s class promises to help students make the most of their leftovers and to reveal the deliciousness of traditionally overlooked parts of produce. Meanwhile, Wilson aims to help bakers explore different types of flour and find ways to adapt recipes should you run out of eggs or butter.

A class with Bobby Parrish, the self-proclaimed grocery guy, offers advice on how to get smarter about spending your grocery money. If you’ve fallen into the habit of sad desk dinners, you’ll want to hear Parrish’s tips for turning them into meals that’ll make you want to migrate to the dinner table.

For anyone trying to clean up messes they’ve made in their kitchens, YouTube’s QueenClean Jessica Tull will help you streamline that deep clean you haven’t gotten to quite yet.

And yes, it’s probably time to clean your coffee maker.