These World-class Hotel Chefs Will Create Custom Recipes Based on the Ingredients You Already Have at Home

Save yourself a trip to the grocery store with Velas Resorts handy new tool.

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Photo: Courtesy of Velas Resorts

We all have to eat, but it’s not always easy to create delicious, healthy, or meals that aren't plain weird without having to run out to the grocery store.

Many people are trying to stay home in order to help stop the spread of coronavirus, only venturing out to go get groceries or go to the pharmacy. But even though these are both necessary things to do, you also still want to limit how many times you go out during the week.

So, either you need to be an expert meal planner with enough storage space for all your needed ingredients, or you need to learn to cook using whatever is in your fridge and pantry as much as you can. Easier said than done, right?

But Velas Resorts, a hotel chain in Puerta Vallarta, Los Cabos, and Playa Del Carmen in Mexico, has a solution for people who stare into the pantry endlessly, waiting for food inspiration to hit them.

The resort has decided to put its 25 world-class chefs to good use during the pandemic by launching a What’s In Your Pantry portal on its website, which allows you to enter ingredients you already have in your kitchen and challenge the resort’s chefs to create individualized recipes based on what you have.

In order to get your own recipe, simply visit the What’s In Your Pantry website and enter your name, email, and ingredients you’d like to include (or take a photo of what you have), and wait for a recipe to be delivered to your inbox. Then, get cooking.

Velas Resorts also has a ton of pre-existing recipes that you can easily make at home, like different kinds of tacos or crab tostadas, as well as kid-friendly recipes and unique cocktail recipes.

More information can be found on the Velas Resorts website, or on the resort’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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