Celebrities Around the World Are Using Social Media to Give Live Concerts, Teach Classes, and Keep People Entertained at Home

Stars like Antoni Porowski and Keith Urban are keeping us entertained online.

Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski Speaks With LGBTQ Student Leaders In NYC
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You can still learn a few things during this age of social distancing and quarantine.

Thanks to Antoni Porowski, the resident food guy on Netflix’s reality show Queer Eye we all now know how to make a delicious meal using stuff in our pantries, or what’s left at the supermarket.

Porowski uploaded a cooking lesson on Instagram from his own self-quarantine in Texas. According to Porowski, he originally wanted to make huevos rancheros (“because that’s what you do” in Texas, he said) but quickly found out how empty his grocery store shelves were.

“I know that’s something that everybody’s experiencing,” Porowski said in his video, cleverly titled, “Quar Eye: Cooking Lessons in Quarantine.”

For this lesson, he decided to make a “Keep Calm-lette,” otherwise known as a classic omelet (or omelette, depending on who you are). But in true Antoni style, it’s served with a black bean salsa (with avocados, of course).

During this Insta-lesson, Porowski gives a few tips on how to fold and flip your omelet as well, so you can truly feel like an accomplished home chef.

But Porowski isn’t the only celebrity using social media to inform as well as entertain during these uncertain times.

According to the Los Angeles Times, celebrities like Amy Adams, Josh Gad, and Jennifer Garner are reading children’s stories in order to help parents and kids get through the quarantine.



Musicians like Chris Martin, David Foster, Katharine Foster (née McPhee), Keith Urban, and Rob Thomas are also posting a few musical sessions to entertain the social media masses, according to KSAT. Some are also promising to try to post a new live stream every day.


Naomi Campbell is also helping to keep people informed about germs while still being fashionable, posting a photo to her Instagram Stories of herself wearing pink medical gloves, according to the Independent.

Arnold Schwarzenegger also posted a video on his social media channels of him talking about the importance of self-quarantine while hand-feeding his miniature ponies, Whiskey and Lulu. That’s educational and entertaining.

Judd Apatow also posted a picture of his cats. It’s not that informative, but it is cute. And sometimes, that’s enough.

It’s good to see celebrities doing their part. But if you’re really starting to go stir crazy, you can also take loads of virtual tours of museums, national parks, and tourist attractions around the world, as well as performances from The Metropolitan Opera.

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