Mastamanna 106 year old YouTube channel food blogger Indian food
Credit: Courtesy of Country Foods/YouTube

Some people travel for food.

Sampling local delicacies or taking a cooking class with locals can be an excellent path towards understanding another culture. But for those who can’t afford a plane ticket around the world, a 106-year-old Indian woman is revealing all of her secret traditional recipes on YouTube.

Mastamanna first made an appearance on her grandson’s food-focused YouTube channel when she was only 105 years old. She shared her recipe for watermelon chicken in March, which has since racked up over 8.9 million views.

Using fresh ingredients and basic tools, Mastamanna cooks up recipes like prawn masala curry, curd rice and emu egg fry.

“There truly is magic in her recipes and the food she makes, and that magic is now available on YouTube for everyone to enjoy,” one of the channel’s founders (and Mastamanna’s great-grandson) said in a statement. “She is 106 years old and still enjoys cooking herself and for everyone. Because of YouTube, she’s able to share that passion on a global scale.”

In one video, Mastamanna recounts her life story, telling viewers that she used to work as a chef in her son’s hotel. She never went to school and was married at age 11, but she was always full of spirit. She tells one story about throwing a boy who tried to touch her into the river.

Commenters on the channel seem particularly drawn to her joie de vivre and sassy retorts. Viewers from all over the world comment on the videos with encouragement for the 106-year-old chef.

“Cried for no reason when watching this,” one commenter wrote on a video for bread omelette. “It's probably love tears.”

The channel releases a new video featuring Mastamanna once a month.