Take a Free Online Cooking Class From the World-famous Borough Market in London (Video)

Here's your chance to up your cooking game.

There’s one big skill everyone should have in the age of self-quarantine: You have to learn to cook.

Before quarantine orders and social distancing measures were things, it was probably easy to get by only knowing how to make cold cereal and spaghetti (if you were lucky), but times have changed.

Now that people are stocking up on pantry staples and restaurants are either closing or sticking to just take-out orders (a small respite for the non-cooking crowd), it’s important for people to know how to actually use their ingredients to make satisfying and healthy meals.

Luckily, you don’t have to be Ina Garten (although, it might help). Instead, you can actually take free cooking classes online thanks to the Borough Market in London, England, Lonely Planet reported.

Borough Market in London
This is Borough Market, a traditional food market which is a popular tourist attraction on August 22, 2019 in London. Getty Images

This historic market has been around for more than 1,000 years and is an incredible place for foodies to stock up on fresh ingredients, shop wholesale grocers, or even dine in some of London’s best restaurants, according to Lonely Planet.

But since many people are opting to, or being ordered to, stay at home, many of the market’s shops have decided to close their doors. Instead of visiting the market in person, anyone who’d looking to brush up their cooking skills can do so online through the market’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

The market has set up an online community for people who want to learn to cook (or cook better) called the Borough Market Community on Facebook, Lonely Planet reported. There, you can find recipes, tips, and videos that can teach you how to create delicious meals at home. In addition, the market has begun streaming cooking classes with chefs, food writers, and other food experts on Instagram Live. Some videos are also posted on both Instagram and Facebook after-the-fact as well.

The market is also keeping in mind people’s dietary restrictions and preferences, including a tutorial for those who are following low FODMAP diets, according to the market’s community Facebook page. Angela Clutton, a writer and food historian who is featured in the market’s video classes, also hosts a cookbook club for the market over Skype.

For tutorials and more information, visit the Borough Market Facebook and Instagram pages. More information about the market can be found on the Borough Market website.

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