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For those who enjoy telling stories through cooking, travel can afford truly limitless inspiration. No other experience mimics the exploratory—at times experimental, often communal—nature of cooking and entertaining. As you connect with your guests at an intimate dinner party or a summertime barbecue, our articles and guides can help you source ideas from culinary traditions around the world. Travel through your plateThe idea of a ‘global’ feast can take numerous forms: an aperitivo in Milan, fresh-caught ceviche in Lima, a perfectly breaded schnitzel in Austria. Separately, each one shares a unique piece of the native culture. Together, they form a rich tapestry of globally minded cooking, guaranteed to inspire your next world-themed dinner party or event. In the same way, understanding how another culture cooks and prepares meals is often the cornerstone to truly enlightened, profound travel. Use Travel + Leisure’s dispatches from around the world to learn about the traditional Roman pasta dish, cacio e pepe, see how wild strawberries are prepared in the south of France, or even discover the importance of Singapore’s “chili crab.”Looking to truly wow your dinner guests? When planning your next party, use this extensive archive of culinary-focused stories to add some international zest to the menu. Take a page out of the underground dinner clubs of Buenos Aires, or San Francisco’s thriving dinner theater scene. Reporting on innovative restaurant scenes from Mexico to Sydney, our stories showcase the entrepreneurial, artistic flair behind cooking and serving a meal. Rather than just publish a recipe, Travel + Leisure takes you inside the people and places who create the most unforgettable cooking experiences, from biting into fresh sushi in Tokyo to sampling fire-roasted chile peppers in Santa Fe, New Mexico.How to visit a dining clubDining clubs around the world set high standards for entertaining and cooking. Catering to all types of travelers—locavores, wine lovers, vegans—these uniquely curated dining experiences are often staged in artist studios, urban gardens, and, sometimes, even castles. While the cooking remains the top draw, travelers return again and again for the intimate, slightly surreal settings, too.

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