The Most Popular Cocktail in Every State, According to Google (Video)

Turns out people really love Old Fashioneds.

If there’s one thing we can all agree on right now it’s that we all deserve a drink. A stiff one. But, as Google recently revealed, which cocktail each person chooses to imbibe in depends on where they are from.

Last week Google revealed the most "uniquely searched cocktails” in the last three weeks, which means it shared which cocktail each state searched for more than anywhere else in the U.S.

As the results showed, regions certainly have their favorites, but if there is any commonality to be found amongst our drinking decisions, it’s our nation’s shared love of a classic Old Fashioned. It came in as the most searched for cocktail in Washington, D.C., Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, Virginia, and Washington State, making it a truly coast-to-coast drink choice.

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Though there were a few other commonalities (cosmopolitans topped the list in a few states), there were also a few true standouts. For example, those in Kentucky are apparently searching high and low for the right Lily recipe, which consists of 1 part Grey Goose Vodka, 1/2 part fresh lemon juice, 1/2 part simple syrup, 3 parts cranberry juice, and just a splash of orange liquor.

And folks in Minnesota just want a good Oliveto, which they can make at home with 2 ounces gin, 5/6 ounce lemon juice, 1/3 ounce rich simple syrup, (2:1, sugar:water), 1/3 ounce Licor 43, 1/2 ounce extra virgin olive oil, and 1 egg white.

Want to see what your state is drinking? Keep scrolling to find out which cocktail is trending in your area.

Alabama: Hurricane

Alaska: Whiskey Sour

Arizona: Paloma

Arkansas: Frozen Daiquiri

California: Paloma

Colorado: Hurricane

Connecticut: Margarita

Delaware: Screwdriver

Washington, DC: Old Fashioned

Florida: Cuba Libre

Georgia: Sazerac

Hawaii: Lemon Drop Martini

Idaho: Kamikaze

Illinois: Manhattan

Indiana: French 75

Iowa: Kamikaze

Kansas: Screwdriver

Kentucky: Lily

Louisiana: Bushwacker

Maine: Margarita

Maryland: Kamikaze

Massachusetts: Old Fashioned

Michigan: Cosmo

Minnesota: Oliveto

Mississippi: Painkiller

Missouri: Gin and Tonic

Montana: Blue Hawaiian

Nebraska: Old Fashioned

Nevada: Grasshopper

New Hampshire: Old Fashioned

New Jersey: Manhattan

New Mexico: Old Fashioned

New York: Manhattan

North Carolina: Bushwacker

North Dakota: Kamikaze

Ohio: Boulevardier

Oklahoma: Black Russian

Oregon: Old Fashioned

Pennsylvania: Whiskey Sour

Rhode Island: Cosmo

South Carolina: Tequila Sunrise

South Dakota: Screwdriver

Tennessee: Buschwacker

Texas: Paloma

Utah: Cape Cod

Vermont: Cosmopolitan

Virginia: Old Fashioned

Washington: Old Fashioned

West Virginia: Kamikaze

Wisconsin: Grasshopper

Wyoming: White Russian

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