This Iconic Tequila Company Just Released a Gorgeous, Limited-edition Bottle in Honor of Día de los Muertos

One of Mexico’s most iconic tequilas debuts their 'Nuestros Recuerdos' series.

This week, spirit company Clase Azul announced a new limited-edition series called Nuestros Recuerdos, which translates to "our memories," and unveiled the first edition: Clase Azul Tequila Día de Muertos Limited Edition Sabores.

Día de los Muertos is one of Mexico's most well-known, personal, and culturally important holidays. It holds a special place in the hearts of the company's employees, notably master distiller Viridiana Tinoco. She exclusively spoke to Travel + Leisure about the new release:

"It is very important for us Mexican people to honor and celebrate those who have left an impression on our lives," she said. "From the moment I can remember, as a young child, El Día de Muertos has been something we look forward to all year long... especially the food, tastes, and flavors, in particular, which help keep the memory of our loved ones alive."

To celebrate Día de los Muertos, many people display ofrendas, or altars, in their homes. They place photographs and possessions of their loved ones alongside offerings of food and drink and the iconic calaveras, or decorated skulls. The offering of the departed's favorite food and drink is meant to welcome them back into their homes, and tequila is a traditional offering.

Close up of Clase Azul's Dia de los Muertos bottle that has gold designs on a black ceramic bottle
Courtesy of Clase Azul

Tinoco chose a special tequila for the first edition of this series. It is the brand's first single-estate agave tequila. While it's quite common in the wine world to create wine using fruit from a single estate, it's rare in the tequila industry. Clase Azul sourced the Blue Weber agave from the Cerro de Viboreo mountaintop in the highlands of Jalisco. The tequila was aged for more than 14 months in ex-American whisky casks.

The terroir and aging process give the agave a unique flavor profile with fruity notes of candied orange peel and pear alongside oaky aromas and flavors, including vanilla, caramel, coffee, clove, and chocolate. These are typical flavors found in dishes traditionally served for Día de los Muertos, such as hot chocolate and arroz con leche.

An ofrenda for Dia de los Muertos, featuring Clase Azul special bottle
Courtesy of Clase Azul

"With the añejo tequila we made exclusively for this limited edition, I wanted people to experience the flavors of El Día de Muertos," said Tinoco. "The traditional food of this holiday comforts the soul."

In the spirit of remembering loved ones, Clase Azul will release a new edition of Nuestros Recuerdos each year until 2025. Only 5,000 bottles of each edition will be made and it will be available for purchase worldwide. "At Clase Azul, it is our purpose to connect and share the most exquisite aspects of Mexican culture with the world," Tinoco said.

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