By Sorrel Moseley-Williams
August 22, 2016
Santiago Ciuffo/Courtesy of 878

Over the past decade, speakeasy-style bars have become a hallmark of thriving nightlife—a signal that a city’s after-hours scene is worth the plane fare. And right now Buenos Aires is the epicenter of cool, low-profile hangouts serving bygone-era hooch.

J.W. Bradley LTD.

Clamber aboard a replica railcar to enter this new Orient Express–themed watering hole, complete with European-inspired cocktails and wood sleepers repurposed as the bar. Start with the King’s Cross, a gin and Earl Grey mix that’s sure to become a classic.

Harrison Speakeasy

Newcomers and non-members must first dine at sushi joint Nicky NY, then ask to “see the cellar” to be whisked back to this Jazz Age social club, where barmen sling drinks like the Branca Smash: Fernet Branca with fresh pineapple, lime juice, and mint.

Floreria Atlántico

A fake refrigerator in a flower shop is the portal to this award-winning basement drink- ing den. Don’t miss the Tereré Tonic, made with Príncipe de los Apóstoles, a mellow Argentinean gin distilled with regional botanicals like yerba maté.


The hidden-bar-within-a-bar configuration—a set of unmarked steel doors in the back lead to a second space—amplifies 878’s cloak-and-dagger vibe. Both rooms serve a mean Cynar Julep, a house favorite that’s at once bitter and slightly sweet.