'Tis the season—for a serious cold-weather cocktail.

By Khalid Salaam
December 11, 2015
Courtesy of Four Seasons

At the Four Seasons Austin, bartender Brie Grant is serving up her own version of a classic. Let’s just say that this isn’t your mother’s cider (actually, it’s better).

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"I didn’t want anything too sweet," Grant says. "But I’m also trying to please the regular customers of the Four Seasons and put out some flavors that would be friendly to a regular palate." And don't let the bourbon scare you. Grant says "it’s an easy drinking cocktail for anyone."

Cider’s Companion

2 ounces of Treaty Oak Distilling’s Red Handed Bourbon

1 dash of lemon juice

1 bar spoon of orange marmalade

1 bar spoon of simple syrup

2 -3 dashes old-fashioned bitters

2 ounces of Austin Eastciders’ Apple Cider

1 brandied cherry for garnish

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Combine equal parts bourbon and cider and then combine with simple syrup and orange marmalade. Top off with a couple of dashes of bitters and garnish with brandied cherry.