Absolut Nose Job
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

If traveling around the world trying out new cocktails is your idea of the perfect vacation, listen up: Spirit brand Absolut wants to pay someone to do this professionally.

One person will get the title of Sensory Expert—or the “Billion Dollar Nose” as the brand is calling it. You'll need “a creative nose, a trend-sensitive tongue, and a love of vodka,” according to a statement.

The previous sensory master, Per Hermansson, is retiring after four decades with the title.

“This is one of the most complex jobs in the business—you need ot be equal parts innovator, chemist, teachers, creator, and ambassador,” Hermansson said in a statement. “This person not only needs to have the technical skills needed for the job, but a passion for creativity to keep Absolut on the forefront innovation.”

The job promises ample travel—"around the world" is mentioned more than once—as well as a good amount of time in Ahus, Sweden, where Absolut got its beginnings. And, of course, the idea of scent is important to this role.

“Smell is directly connected to the limbic system—our center for wants, desires, and emotions,” according to the statement. “The successful candidate will need to be able ot break through the noise and really pay attention to those unconscious bodily sensations.”

Still not sure as to what qualifies a sensory expert? There's a quiz for that. Absolut put together a few questions to help you figure out if this is the right gig for you. (Take it here.) The competition is going to be tough, so if you pass with flying colors and think you're the expert for the job, check out the listing and send an email to