By Andrea Romano
October 30, 2017
Credit: Allen Hemberger

This is not your grandmother’s pumpkin pie.

Frankly, pumpkin pie — or pumpkin-flavored foods in general — can spark quite a debate. There seems to be no middle ground: You either love it or you hate it. But what do you do when your beloved (or despised) food gets a total makeover?

Enter clear pumpkin pie.

It’s chic. It’s surreal. It’s so very Instagramable. And it will give many people mixed feelings.

The pie concoction was created at Chicago-based Alinea. In an Instagram video, Alinea chef Simon Davies holds a tiny piece of gelatin pie with a seemingly normal crust and itty-bitty dollop of whipped cream on top.

“Pumpkin pie for the fall menu. #surrealism,” it says in the caption.

Davies explained in the comments how the pie is made with a “distillation of pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, and clove.”

“Texture is very important to us. This melts away,” he added. “If it were over-gelled it would not be worth serving. The main texture that brings on nostalgia is from the pate brisee.”

When he puts it that way, it sounds delicious.

Credit: Allen Hemberger

Despite it being a little unconventional, the pie does remind us a little of the equally Instagramable “rain drop cake” that took the internet by storm a few years ago. If we can love our gelatin as a cake, surely we can love it as pie.