We’re hoping to find this cinnamon and chocolate dessert in our stocking this year!

By Andrea Beck / BHG.com
October 02, 2019
Sweet Cinnamon Kit Kat
Credit: Courtesy of Hershey

Halloween is next on the list of holidays we're celebrating, but we’re already looking forward to the candy we will be enjoying at Christmas this year. After all, 2018 was a great year for holiday candy lovers — Hershey’s Kisses released their first new flavor in a decade with Hot Cocoa Kisses, Oreo released cookie-flavored candy canes, and Reese’s made all our sweet dreams come true with a peanut butter cup-filled Advent calendar. Finally, the wait to see what new candies 2019 has in store for us is over. M&M’s might have claimed the first new Halloween candy announcement of the year, but Kit Kat is the first to give us a sneak peek of their holiday treats.

We’ve already enjoyed snacking on new Dark Chocolate Mint Kit Kats and Pumpkin Pie Kit Kats, but now we’ve got a new flavor to look for on store shelves. According to Hershey, Sweet Cinnamon Kit Kats will be arriving via Santa’s sleigh this year, and we can’t wait to try them. While peppermint and hot cocoa are trusted flavors for Christmas candies, 2019 might be the year that cinnamon finally breaks through as a favorite.

Based on the packaging, it looks like the sweet cinnamon flavor will be added to the crunchy wafers, and the creamy chocolate coating will stay the same. There’s also a picture of a cinnamon roll on the bag, which might hint at the flavor Kit Kat is going for. Once we’re closer to the holiday season (beginning in November), you’ll be able to find them in grocery stores and wherever you normally buy Kit Kats. They’ll be available in 7.5-oz. and 9-oz. bags as mini Kit Kats — the perfect size for stocking stuffers or attaching to the outside of a package.

If you find yourself checking out the Christmas aisle before the holiday season officially kicks off, keep an eye out for other new peppermint, cinnamon, and hot cocoa-flavored treats. We wouldn’t be surprised to see candy canes return to shelves before long.