Enjoy an elegant meal aboard a retired aircraft.

By Talia Avakian
September 12, 2016
China's first restaurant in airplane
Credit: Wang HE/Getty Images

Those heading to Wuhan, China, can now experience the country's first fine-dining restaurant inside a retired Boeing 737.

Lily Airways, which opened this weekend, really leans into the aviation theme: staff members are dressed in flight attendant attire and the cockpit is equipped with a flying simulator. What's more, waiters at the restaurant are required to meet hiring standards of Chinese airlines, including having an educational background in aircraft service or hotel management, and participating in regulatory etiquette training.

china boeing restaurant airplane cabin
Credit: Wang HE/Getty Images

The owner, inspired by a hotel in Sweden carved from an old airplane, bought the retired aircraft from Indonesian airline, Batavia Airways. The Chinese businessman spent roughly $5.2 million to relocate and convert the plane, splitting it into several parts to transport it by sea from Indonesia to China.

Credit: Wang HE/Getty Images

The establishment can accommodate up to 70 guests. The price? Each meal goes for about $30-$45 per person.

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