By Andrea Romano
January 10, 2020
A hotel door hanger that reads 'Eating Cheese, Do not disturb'.
Credit: Courtesy of Cafe Rouge

Fromage lovers, if you’re looking for an amazing, cheesy vacation, there’s a hotel in London that seems too gouda to believe.

According to the Evening Standard, French restaurant chain Café Rouge is opening a cheese-themed suite for a limited time in London. Dubbed The Cheese Suite, this hotel room is decked out in cheese-inspired wallpaper, bedding, and decor – as well as all the cheese puns your heart desires.

A drawing of the interior of the Cheese Suite at Cafe Rouge
Credit: Courtesy of Cafe Rouge
A drawing of the interior of the Cheese Suite at Cafe Rouge
Credit: Courtesy of Cafe Rouge

In addition to the decor, the suite will also feature cheese-themed games and bathroom soaps, among other things. The cafe teamed up with Cuckooz Homes in order to design this truly grate hotel suite.

Guests who are lucky enough to book the suite will be greeted with wine, cheese, and crackers upon arrival, according to the Evening Standard. In addition, they will be able to indulge in some magnificent, cheesy hot foods like halloumi fries, a camembert and raisin baguette, burgers, and, of course, lots of French croques.

The best part is that guests can stay there for free — with one minor catch. The suite will only be available to book by entering a competition. Only 10 lucky guests will win (though they can bring a friend to stay). Each winner can only stay for one night, according to Metro. In addition to the suite, guests will be given a voucher for a meal for two people at Café Rouge.

Guests will also be asked to donate to the Prince’s Trust upon leaving, according to Metro. Travel expenses and spending money are not included in the prize.

The competition is set to end on Jan. 21 at 11:59 p.m. and the suite, located in the Camden district, will be open to winners between Jan. 29 and Feb. 6, according to the Evening Standard. Winners must respond to book the suite within 7 days. Hopeful cheese lovers can enter the competition by emailing

For more information, visit the Café Rouge website.