Gordon Ramsay AJ Bell Triathlon
Credit: Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Gordon Ramsay may be well-known for his emotional outbursts in the kitchen, but it appears the famed chef and television host has found a way to channel all that rage into something good.

On Saturday Ramsay, along with his wife Tana, 42, son Jack, 17, and daughters Matilda, 15, Holly, 17, and Megan, 19, competed in the AJ Bell London Docklands Triathlon, where he used all his internal fire and vigor to finish the race and raise money for the Gordon and Tana Ramsay Foundation.

Ramsay, who has raced in more than 15 triathlons, told The Telegraph in 2014 that he loves competing in the biking, swimming, and running race because he loves living under pressure.

“I’m useless unless I’m under pressure,” he said. “With pressure, commitment is healthy. When I don’t have pressure, I’m unhealthy. That’s the way I drive.”

To help him shave a few seconds off his route, Ramsay rocked a specialized helmet and a personalized tri-top at the AJ Bell race, along with his own lightweight carbon-fiber bike.

“I’ve seen so many chefs crash and burn,” Ramsay additionally told The Telegraph about why he believes training is so crucial to his own success. “Training is my release. I would be lost without it. It gives me a reason to pull myself out [of the restaurants]. It’s given me time to myself.”

Beyond his back-breaking training regime, which consists of “work in the legs, lots of squats. Lots of weight on the shoulders. Pullup bars, and TRX bands,” Ramsay also ensures that his body is fueled right. As he told The Telegraph, he eats five small meals a day and always includes a green juice, fruit and nut bars, and plenty of healthy proteins like chicken and fish.

“Protein is essential for helping the body to build stronger muscles and aids in recovery,” Ramsay’s trainer Will Usher said. “This is particularly important when training for an endurance event like triathlon, as the volume of training is high.”

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