Negroni Cocktail with lemon peel and ice Anthony Bourdain
Credit: Mike Pont/WireImage; Getty Images/iStockphoto

If there are two things Anthony Bourdain knows well, it’s food and drinks.

The chef and professional globetrotter has traveled to some of the world’s most far-flung and isolated places in search of weird, unique, and the truly special culinary creations.

Bourdain’s social channels, including his Instagram account, are usually filled with bizarre creations and off-the-wall photos of his insane food adventures. But over the last few days, Bourdain has shared the exact same cocktail three times on his Instagram account. Which leads us to wonder: Does Bourdain simply love this drink, or is it the new cocktail of the summer?

Anthony first shared the simple photo of a Negroni with a caption that read, “Smartest decision of the day. #NegroniTime.”

A few minutes later he shared the cocktail again, this time empty with the caption, “Tragedie.”

Then, just minutes after, he shared a photo of what appears to be a refreshed glass with the caption, “Comedie.”

While the series of photos seemed like pitch-perfect Bourdain food comedy, it also got us a little thirsty for our own Negroni.

Turns out, Bourdain has long been a fan of the drink — including one time he ended up hammered on Negronis after making them for his crew, a story he shared with Maxim.

If you’re unfamiliar with the drink, a Negroni consists of one part gin, one part vermouth rosso, and one part Campari, garnished with an orange peel. While the cocktail’s history is a bit murky, it was allegedly first mixed in 1919 in Italy at Caffè Casoni.

Its simple ingredients make it a classic and easy cocktail to make for any crowd. The cocktail is considered an aperitif, so try it next time you hit up happy hour before dinner — and tag Bourdain in your social feed as a thank you.