Grand Canyon Caverns & Inn restaurant grotto
Credit: Courtesy of Grand Canyon Caverns & Inn

To have a meal at the newly opened Cavern Grotto, you’ll need to make your way down 21 stories beneath the Earth’s surface. That’s because the new dining establishment, which opened on August 15, is located 210 feet underground within the Grand Canyon Caverns.

Located on the historic Route 66 in Peach Springs, Arizona, the Grand Canyon Caverns are home to what they claim is the largest dry cavern system within the U

Here, visitors will find an extensive network of caves filled with intricate geological formations dating back 345 million years. And you can enjoy the scenery over a hot meal.

Cavern Grotto is located on an elevated platform in the main chamber, giving diners unobstructed 360-degree views of the caverns from every corner of the dining room.

"Standing there, it might be the most spectacular view [of the cave]," John McEnulty, one of the cavern’s three managing partners, told ABC.

The dining room is very intimate, as Cavern Grotto has only four tables in the entire space — though McEnulty told the publication a fifth table could be added based on interest.

The menu features American comfort food, with an all-you-can-eat style lunch and dinner priced at $49.95 and $69.95, respectively. Lunch comes with an entree and side, in addition to a dessert bar and two beers or glasses of wine. Dinner includes an entree and two sides, a salad and dessert bar, and two beers or glasses of wine.

Grand Canyon Caverns & Inn restaurant grotto
Credit: Courtesy of Grand Canyon Caverns & Inn

Prices will also include a guided tour through the caverns. The meals will be prepped at the cavern’s upstairs restaurant and sent downstairs using an elevator and pulley system to deliver diners their hot plates.

Not only does the new establishment give you the chance to have a meal hundreds of feet underground, but it also gives you more time to admire the stunning caves.

“During our tours, there’s not much time to linger in just one spot, since there’s so much to see,” McEnulty said in an interview with the Smithsonian. “With Cavern Grotto, people will be able to soak up the cavern and feel like they’re a part of it.”