A chocolate lover's dream come true.

By Talia Avakian
January 12, 2017
Credit: David Cooper/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Cadbury’s popular Crème Egg café pop-up shop is back—with a twist. Visitors to the pop-ups, which will appear around the U.K., will have the chance to go on an egg hunt and sample different treats made from the chocolates.

Cadbury eggs, which are milk chocolate egg shells with white and yellow fondant filling, are only available from January to April, making the event all the sweeter.

Some of the offerings include s'mores made with Cadbury Eggs, hot chocolate made with melted Cadbury chocolates, a Creme Egg forest cake with crushed biscuits and apricots covered in chocolate and topped with Cadbury Creme Egg pieces, and a Black Forest toastie. We're getting a sugar rush just thinking about it.

You’ll also find floor-to-ceiling displays of Cadbury Creme Eggs before embarking on a hunt to try and crack the clues to get to the safe filled with the candies.

Here are some images of the pop-up shops' offerings from last year.