Bombay Sapphire Gin+Tonic Train London
Credit: Mireia Rodriguez/Courtesy of Bombay Sapphire

Sipping an ice cold gin with a twist of lime on a summer afternoon just got much better.

Bombay Sapphire is launching “The Grand Journey,” a special event for gin lovers set in a gorgeously blue train, the Laverstoke Express.

One word of warning: The train car doesn’t actually move. Instead, the Laverstoke Express is more of an immersive experience in which guests explore the origins of the botanicals used in gin.

On the 10-stop journey, the train “travels” from London to places including Ghana and Tuscany all the way to the Laverstoke Mill, where Bombay Sapphire gin is produced, while guests dine on food from Michelin-star chef Tom Sellers and, of course, plenty of gin cocktails.

Bombay Sapphire Gin+Tonic Train London

According to Lonely Planet, Bombay Sapphire is not the first gin train to roll into the station. Back in March, Tanqueray also hosted a ride on the Belmond British Pullman luxury train, which lead an actual journey through the countryside with plenty of fine food and cocktails.

But a distinctively blue magical mystery train “traveling” all over the world sounds every bit as luxurious — and less rocky.

The event will run in London from July 17 to July 23 and tickets are available for £30 (about $38 USD).