If red, white, or rosé isn't your thing, there's a new option in wine.

By Erika Owen
September 21, 2016
Blue wine in Spain
Credit: Courtesy of Gik

There's a company in Spain that goes by the name of GIK that's trying to make blue wine a thing.

Whether or not that's a good (or delicious) thing is yet to be determined, but it's at least intriguing.

The wine is made from red and white grapes, so it probably won't taste radically different from traditionally colored varieties. There's no definite word on where the color comes from, but the website states that “organic pigments” from the skin of red grapes are part of it.

The website describes the taste as “sweet and blue.”

Blue wine in Spain
Credit: Courtesy of Gik

If this sounds like your kind of thing, you can pre-order bottles for $16 each, with discounts available for bulk orders.

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