By Cailey Rizzo
May 09, 2019
Credit: Meagan N. via Yelp

When people from Texas and California come to the northeast, they have one constant, unrelenting refrain: “Can’t get any good tacos up here.”

Perhaps there’s something to that claim after all.

Yelp has rounded up the best tacos in the country, according to users’ reviews. And although many of the top contenders are located pretty much exactly where you’d expect, there are quite a few curveballs. (The list limited selections to only two per state to ensure geographic diversity.)

The (perhaps unexpected) top honor for best tacos goes to Las Vegas’s Bajamar Seafood & Tacos. Reviewers of the restaurant renown it for having “some of the best seafood tacos around.” Although skeptics may question the flavors of seafood tacos in a land-locked city, fans insist visitors try the octopus and the bajamar fish tacos. A meal for two (with a couple of Modelos) should cost under $50 (hopefully a lot under), so you’ll have a budget remaining to check out the rest of Vegas.

The runner-up is Colorado restaurant Xicamiti La Taquería Bistro, where one reviewer said they enjoyed taco flavors that “were complex and layered, much richer in depth than I expected from a seemingly casual taco restaurant.”

Third and fourth place both went to spots in California (one north and one tantalizingly close to the Mexican border). But, then again, the sixth-best taco place in America, according to Yelp, is in Juneau, Alaska — which may raise some eyebrows. So you should probably plan a trip to all the top spots to sample all their tacos. Just to make sure it’s all accurate.

1. Bajamar Seafood & Tacos Las Vegas, Nevada

Credit: Shamika K. via Yelp
Credit: Meagan N. via Yelp

3. Roundhouse Deli Roseville, California

Credit: Lyann S. via Yelp

4. Casanova Fish Tacos Spring Valley, California

Credit: Vanessa H. via Yelp

5. Cocina Madrigal Phoenix, Arizona

Credit: Pepper T. via Yelp

6. Deckhand Dave's Fish Tacos Juneau, Alaska

Credit: From left: Alyssa R. via Yelp; Eden A. via Yelp

7. Kurry Takos Austin, Texas

Credit: Jeff M. via Yelp

8. Granny's Tacos Austin, Texas

Credit: From left: Michael M. via Yelp; Elizabeth G. via Yelp

9. 167 Raw Charleston, South Carolina

Credit: Yi W. via Yelp

10. El Chile Toreado Santa Fe, New Mexico

Credit: Sky Y. via Yelp

11. Cardon y El Tirano Miami, Florida

Credit: Cardon y El Tirano via Yelp

12. Acevedo's Hawaicano Cafe Kahului, Hawaii

Credit: From left: Maria P. via Yelp; Howard D. via Yelp

13. Los Tacos No.1 New York, New York

Credit: Nick C. via Yelp

14. Taqueria El Asador Pensacola, Florida

Credit: From left: Tonia S. via Yelp; Rive G. via Yelp

15. TaquerEATa Lahaina, Hawaii

Credit: Kathi B. via Yelp

16. Taqueria Pollo Asado Lynnwood, Washington

Credit: Jessie M. via Yelp

17. The Alcove Sunnyside, New York

Credit: From left: Carmen W. via Yelp; Patrick E. via Yelp

18. Tacos Del Chavo Kennesaw, Georgia

Credit: Robin S. via Yelp

19. Guerra's Krazy Taco Springfield, Ohio

Credit: Felix G. via Yelp

20. Kiss Pollos Estilo Sinaloa Phoenix, Arizona

Credit: Albert R. via Yelp

21. Taqueria La Loma Akron, Ohio

Credit: Aaron N. via Yelp

22. Edgewater Tacos Chicago, Illinois

Credit: Josefina M. via Yelp

23. Tacobook Taqueria Everett, Washington

Credit: Antonia T. via Yelp

24. South Philly Barbacoa Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Credit: Ashley M. via Yelp

25. Tacos La Pasadita Green River, Utah

Credit: From left: Liana R. via Yelp; Rohit C. via Yelp