The inert can have fun, too.

By Jess McHugh
November 04, 2016
Credit: Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Thousands of people from around the world have spent months preparing for one of the toughest athletic challenges: the New York City marathon. And for the rest of us weekend warriors who struggle to take the stairs when the elevator is broken, it's still possible to participate in the marathon madness without getting too physical.

Check out the marathon route, and follow along with the athletes by eating and drinking your way to the finish line.

Parkette, Sunset Park, Brooklyn

This cozy hipster spot is only a few miles from the starting point in Staten Island. A few steps from the route along Fourth Avenue, marathon watchers can warm up with Stumptown coffee and a Dough donut.

“It’s just really, really good coffee. I like the chill vibes of the place. It’s a great if you’re trying to study or get work done. It’s way better than Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts,” one local told Brooklyn Paper when Parkette opened.

Credit: Courtesy of Yelp and Mal C.

Irish Haven, Sunset Park, Brooklyn

This classic Irish pub has long been a staple in the neighborhood. Get your own fill of carbs with a selection of beer and liquor.

Egg, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Not feeling all of the activity of the marathon? Stop off for a leisurely brunch at Egg, in Williamsburg near where the marathoners will pass along Bedford Avenue.

Credit: Courtesy of Yelp and Melissa L.

Taksim Square, Upper East Side, Manhattan

This Middle Eastern Eatery is not far from the First Avenue route in Manhattan on the Upper East Side. Serving up tabouleh, hummus and strong Turkish coffee, along with other classics, the modest restaurant is a welcome break from the loud crowds of the marathon.

Caledonia Bar, Upper East Side, Manhattan

Do the opposite of running: drink Scotch. This Upper East Side haunt offers up a full array of some of the finest Scottish whiskeys, along with Scotch eggs and pork sausage rolls, Thrillist reported.

Credit: Courtesy of Yelp and Kenny "Shark" C.

Dear Mama Coffee, Harlem, Manhattan

As the runners head toward the Bronx, duck into Dear Mama Coffee for its relaxing, neighborhood vibe. Beloved by locals and coffee aficionados alike, this is the perfect spot for unique takes on classic eats.

Amor Cubano, Harlem, Manhattan

Credit: Courtesy of Yelp and Amor Cubano

This Cuban staple in Spanish Harlem has been winning customers over since 2007 with its authentic cuisine, eight different mojitos and live music. Amor Cubano is a favorite of “Top Chef Masters” winner, Marcus Samuelsson.