The Best Places to Buy Caviar Online

Here are the best places to buy caviar online for all your holiday needs.

A caviar set from Fulton Fish Market
Courtesy of Fulton Fish Market

While caviar is no longer reserved for formal occasions, the delicacy still makes for a perfect holiday treat. Whether you're serving a Feast of the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve or hosting a caviar and Champagne-fueled soirée on New Year's Eve, caviar adds an element of decadence to any meal. As you plan your holiday menus, we've rounded up the best caviar delivery services, so you can buy the finest caviar online. From renowned brands like Petrossian to NYC institutions and chef Thomas Keller's very own caviar company, these are the best places to order caviar online.

Fulton Fish Market

A caviar set from Fulton Fish Market
Courtesy of Fulton Fish Market

As its name suggests, Fulton Fish Market specializes in the freshest fish and seafood and has since it was founded in 1822. This New York City institution sells everything from Dover sole to fresh crabs and oysters, and it has a delightful caviar selection. In addition to 2-ounce jars of hackleback and white sturgeon caviar, it sells beautiful mother-of-pearl caviar plates and spoons and has fantastic gift sets. Fulton's Finest Imported Caviar Package includes 2-ounce jars of classic ossetra caviar and hybrid sturgeon caviar, along with frozen blinis, crème fraîche, and a mother-of-pearl spoon.

Regiis Ova

Regiis Ova caviar gift set
David Escalante/Courtesy of Regiis Ova

Thomas Keller is one of the most important chefs in America, so he naturally requires the best ingredients at his Michelin three-starred restaurants. His commitment to excellence is so strong that he co-founded a caviar company, Regiis Ova, to ensure a superb selection of caviar for his menus. So even if you can't visit Per Se for its famous oysters and pearls dish, you can order fantastic caviar for delivery straight to your home. For an elegant gift, opt for the Ossetra Gift Box. This chic box contains 30 grams or 50 grams of top-quality ossetra caviar, which is renowned for its delicate, nutty flavor, a caviar key, and a mother-of-pearl spoon.

Island Creek Oysters

Oysters and caviar from Island Creek Oysters
Melissa DiPalma/Courtesy of Island Creek Oysters

This charming oyster shop in Duxbury, Massachusetts sells so much more than fantastic oysters. After conquering the oyster market, it launched its own caviar, focusing on sustainability and, of course, superb quality and taste. Island Creek Oysters sells two kinds of caviar: white sturgeon and Siberian. Both are delicious, but the Siberian caviar is unique. It is imported from Lombardy, Italy, where a local aquafarm breeds and raises Siberian sturgeon. This caviar has a delicious, buttery flavor, along with a delicate brininess. It comes in sizes from 30 grams to a whopping 1,000 grams for those hosting an especially over-the-top party. Naturally, you can order caviar along with a dozen oysters (or more).


A gift set from Marky's Caviar
Courtesy of Marky's Caviar

Beluga is the most famous — and infamous — caviar on Earth. It is renowned for its large eggs that pop in your mouth and a decadent, buttery, creamy flavor with hints of nuttiness. However, it was so popular and overfished that the Beluga sturgeon was declared an endangered species, and its importation was banned in the U.S. in 2005. Before the ban, Marky's, a specialty food store in Florida, imported Beluga sturgeon from Russia and spent more than 15 years developing a breeding and conservation program to produce Beluga caviar here in the U.S., so you can finally experience Beluga caviar in an ethical way. Beluga caviar is more expensive than other types of caviar, beginning at $830 per 28 grams at Marky's.

Caviar Russe

A tin of Caviar Russe Sevruga
Courtesy of Caviar Russe

Sevruga caviar is loved for its small grain and authentic Caspian flavors. It's produced in limited quantities, so snap it up when you can. Caviar Russe imports it from an artisanal farm in Germany that uses traditional Caspian techniques. If you're hosting a party and need a large quantity of caviar that is delicious but won't break the bank, opt for Pacific sturgeon, which has a more mild flavor and is great for canapés. Want to try it all? Head to Caviar Russe's restaurants in New York or Miami. The New York outpost features a decadent raw bar and cocktail lounge where you can indulge in a tasting of several different varieties or sample delicacies like a lobster roll with caviar.


Petrossian store's caviar tin.
Roger Viollet Collection/Getty Images

Petrossian is an iconic name in the caviar world. The family is credited with introducing caviar to the western world in the early 1900s when they emigrated to Paris and were surprised to find that caviar was not considered a delicacy there. Today, it has boutiques around the world and sells a dazzling array of caviar, including many unique varieties that are difficult to find; Royal Kaluga Huso Hybrid is a close cousin of Beluga caviar, so it has a similarly rich, nutty flavor, but is much easier to find and easier on the wallet, beginning at $215 for 30 grams.

Caviar Gems

Caviar gems caviar set
Constance Van Flandern/Courtesy of Caviar Gems

Caviar must be kept cold at all times, so it doesn't travel well (unless properly shipped from top brands like the ones mentioned here). If you want to take caviar with you on the go, check out Caviar Gems. This innovative company launched dehydrated caviar, which is stored at room temperature and can last for up to a year unopened, so you can always have caviar on hand. It's made from dehydrated ossetra caviar and has a rich, concentrated flavor due to the dehydration process. It's perfect to mix into cocktails or rim a glass — caviar martini, anyone? — and to top pasta, scrambled eggs, and pretty much anything else. They also sell caviar honey.

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