Certain states are more coffee-friendly than others.

By Grace Elkus / Real Simple and Real Simple
October 04, 2016
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While a cup of coffee is never hard to come by, any coffee-lover can discern a good cup from a bad one—and some shops (and states!) brew the beans better than others. So in honor of National Coffee Day on Thursday, Sept. 29, personal finance website WalletHub looked at the 100 most populated U.S. cities to determine the best cities for the coffee-addicted.

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The cities were analyzed across 12 metrics, including average price per pack of coffee, average price of a cappuccino, and average price of a Starbucks croissant. In addition to price, the availability of coffee was considered, including number of affordable coffee shops, coffee houses, and cafés per capita, number of coffee and tea manufacturers per capita, and number of donut shops per capita. They even measured the number of “coffee lovers” meet-ups per capita (can we come?!) and each state's Google search traffic for the word “coffee.”

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The clear winner is Portland, OR, with a total score of 68.62 out of 100. Laredo, TX came in last, with a low score of 22.52. See below for the top 10:

  1. Portland, OR
  2. Seattle, WA
  3. Minneapolis, MN
  4. Pittsburg, PA
  5. Orlando, FL
  6. San Francisco, CA
  7. New Orleans, LA
  8. Madison, WI
  9. Cincinnati, OH
  10. Scottsdale, AZ

Cappuccino drinkers should head to Louisville, KY, which offers the lowest price for the espresso drink. Those who brew coffee at home will be happy in Hialeah, FL, which offers the lowest average price per pack of coffee. Anyone who hits up popular coffee shops daily will be thankful for the low prices in San Francisco, CA, which has the most affordable coffee shops, coffee houses, and cafés rated 4.5+ stars per capita. And if we’ll never find you drinking coffee without a donut in hand, head to Boston, MA, which has the most donut shops per capita.

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For the complete ranking, head to WalletHub.com. And don't forget to celebrate National Coffee Day with our delicious homemade pumpkin spice latte