There's a New 'Best Cheese in the World' — and You Can Buy It Online for $17

One judge loved it so much he "wanted to go to bed with it."

The World Cheese Awards recently made their return and crowned a brand-new "best cheese in the world."

According to the fromagers who made up the judging panel, the winning cheese is Olavidia, a tasty delight from the cheesemakers at Quesos y Besos (Cheeses and Kisses) in Spain. The cheese won out over the other 4,078 entries from more than 40 countries.

"I just wanted to go to bed with it," Jason Hinds, a British judge at the awards shared about the cheese, according to CNN. Hinds added, the cheese has a "rich, seductive, creamy texture" and "a flavor that was round and warm."

According to the judging comments, the goat cheese comes with a prominent black stripe in the middle and was "matured with penicillium candidum and olive stone ash," which could cause the stripe. This could be an important characteristic as, according to the organization's website, the judges qualify winners based on "look, feel, smell and taste," scoring aspects such as "the appearance of the rind and paste, as well as the cheese's aroma, body, and texture, with the majority of points awarded for flavor and mouthfeel."

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"We are a small humble cheesemaker in Jaen," Silvia Pelaez, the company's head cheesemaker, told CNN.

According to Food & Wine, Pelaez said, "We've been making cheese for less than five years, so we never imagined we could win the world's biggest prize in cheese so soon...Everything we do is inspired by our love for our family, including the name of the business itself, Quesos y Besos, so this is such a special moment for us. We've made it our mission to encapsulate the essence of our family in all of our cheeses, so to have such recognition from the World Cheese Awards judges is an incredible achievement and truly overwhelming."

This cheese bested the last winner, an organic blue cheese known as Rogue River Blue. Crowned in 2019, it also happened to be the first-ever American champion.

The best part? You can get your hands on this cheese by simply heading to the Queso y Besos website. Right now, the winning cheese is out of stock, but it retails for just €15 (about $17) for 300 grams. Turophiles can get on the waitlist here.

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