Time to find a new place to get your scorpion on a stick fix.

By Erika Owen
June 23, 2016
Donghuamen Night Market Beijing
Credit: Getty Images

Beijing's Donghuamen Night Market is a bucket list item for many travelers, but visiting a well-trafficked area is very different than living next to it. The famed market—which is most known for it's abundance of buggy snacks—has announced that it will be closing this Friday, June 24th due to neighbor complaints. According to Australian Associated Press, surrounding businesses and locals complained of the noise levels, and the "stinky tofu" smell that came from the market.

City officials also cited improper food storage as a reason for the closure, sharing that much of the market's waste was often left in the middle of the road. The market—which provides much more than the bug delicacies adventurous eaters have been known to enjoy from the location—has been around since 1984.

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