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Some states are just awesome: California has beautiful beaches, mighty redwoods, vibrant cities and all sorts of other wonderful attractions both natural and manmade. Then there are other states that there is no need to name here. But thanks to 24/7 Wall St, nine states have something new they can add to their list of bragging rights: They drink the most beer.

On the heels of their research into the drunkest cities in America, 24/7 Wall St used 2015 data from Beer Marketer’s Insights to determine “the volume of beer sold per drinking-age adult in each state.” The site also looked at the percent change in beer consumption from 2011 to 2015. Also, not content with simply implying that drinking more beer makes everything better, the list also includes numbers on binge drinking and driving deaths involving alcohol.

Finishing first on the list was New Hampshire where the average 21-plus adult consumed 43.0 gallons of beer last year – or just under a pint of beer a day. Interestingly, despite drinking the most beer, the state is only 17th in binge drinking and 23rd in alcohol-related driving death: not the best numbers, but not terrible for a state that loves its brews. However, as 24/7 Wall St points out, “New Hampshire is one of only four states with no sales tax. As a result, per capita beer consumption in the state may be skewed, as residents of neighboring states — Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont — may travel to New Hampshire to save on their beer purchases.” If that’s true, it could also mean that Maine and Vermont deserve to be even higher on the list: They’re already #8 and #5 respectively.

After New Hampshire, the rest of the top nine (with gallons drank) are North Dakota (40.0), Montana (39.7), South Dakota (38.7), Vermont (35.7), Wisconsin (35.7), Nevada (34.2), Maine (34.1) and Nebraska (34.0). By comparison, where New Hampshire at #1 drinks nearly a beer every day on average, Nebraska at #9 only drinks about five beers a week. Taking the weekends off, I guess.