By Mike Pomranz and Mike Pomranz /
July 01, 2016
Beer Bike Amsterdam
Credit: FaceMePLS via Flickr/CC BY 2.0

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Amsterdam has a reputation as an “anything goes” sort of city. But now, that free-for-all no longer includes you and your friends drunkenly pedaling the streets of the city on a beer bike.

For those not familiar with beer bikes – also known as “party bikes” – they are those multi-person vehicles that involve everyone sitting around a center bar, powering the machine by pedaling while powering themselves with copious amounts of booze. Now, Amsterdam has decided to ban the drunken tourist traps from the streets of its city center starting in 2017 after plenty of complaints and a 6,000-signature petition.

“We find the beer bike a horrible phenomenon,” Els Iping, president of the Friends of Inner Amsterdam Federation, said according to CityLab. “It causes nuisance. They are often made up of hen parties [or] groups of naked men or women with an inflatable penis.” Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Aren’t groups of naked men or women with inflatable penises what Amsterdam is all about?” Maybe during your semester abroad, but not anymore! Iping went on, claiming the bikes are more than just a nuisance, they’re a danger to pedestrians. “People are forced to flee when a beer bike with screaming people comes off the bridge,” he said. “The city is turned into one big theme park.”

The decision is a tough one for the beer bike companies, who have supposedly been trying to clean up their acts a bit in a hope of avoiding such a ban, doing things like cutting the amount of beer they serve and following a fixed route. But it’s nowhere near as tough as it will be for inflatable penis lovers everywhere. It’s tough being on the wrong side of history.