Miller Lite Is Giving Away Free Beer This Friday — Here's How to Get Some

International Beer Day is Friday, Aug. 7.

Friday, Aug. 7, is International Beer Day, and while you might not be able to fly to Germany to sip a brew at one of Munich’s famed beer halls or visit one of Portland’s fine craft breweries, we have the next best thing. Miller Lite is celebrating Miller Time this Friday by giving away free beer to Americans who live in “countries” within the United States.

There are dozens of U.S. cities named after countries — Trinidad, California; Peru, Illinois; Mexico, Maine; and Denmark, South Carolina are just a few examples.

A neon sign advertising Miller Lite beer burns in the general store and bar at Luckenbach, Texas, an unincorporated community near Fredericksburg, Texas
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Vice President of Miller Family of Brands Sofia Colucci told Travel + Leisure, “International Beer Day is a day worth celebrating every year, but traveling internationally to raise a pint right now isn’t an option for many of us. So, Miller Lite wanted to do things a little bit differently this year and celebrate International Beer Day on national soil. By recognizing all of the ‘countries’ we have stateside, we’re bringing Miller Time to fans across the nation.”

Fans in the over 110 zip codes included can claim their beer rebate by visiting Miller Lite’s International Beer Day website and uploading a receipt from their purchase of a six-pack of Miller Lite beer on Aug. 7 — the rebate will be sent via Venmo or Paypal. To be eligible, customers must purchase the beer on Aug. 7, and receipts can be submitted by Aug. 14 or until supplies run out (whichever happens first). Miller Lite will also be taking a semi-truck to Scotland, South Dakota, on Aug. 7 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to hand deliver beer to legal-age fans. Be sure to check the website for full rules and details. Eligible zip codes are listed there, too.

Cities include:

  • Marshall, AK
  • Russian Mission, AK
  • Wales, AK
  • Trinidad, CA
  • Grenada, CA
  • Monaco, CA
  • Trinidad, CO
  • Lebanon, CT
  • Scotland, CT
  • Scotland, GA
  • Malta, ID
  • Belgium, IL
  • Cuba, IL
  • Lebanon, IL
  • Macedonia, IL
  • Malta, IL
  • Palestine, IL
  • Panama, IL
  • Peru, IL
  • Macedonia, IA
  • Norway, IA
  • Panama, IA
  • Jamaica, IA
  • Cuba, KS
  • Lebanon, KS
  • Peru, KS
  • Lebanon, KY
  • Canada, KY
  • Peru, ME
  • Lebanon, ME
  • Mexico, ME
  • Sweden, ME
  • Poland, ME
  • Denmark, ME
  • China, ME
  • Norway, ME
  • Scotland, MD
  • Peru, MA
  • Wales, MA
  • Norway, MI
  • East Jordan, MI
  • China, MI
  • Finland, MN
  • Saint Vincent, MN
  • Grenada, MS
  • Malta, MT
  • Jordan, MT
  • Lebanon, NE
  • Peru, NE
  • Panama, NE
  • Lebanon, NJ
  • Lebanon, NH
  • Cuba, NM
  • Angola, NY
  • Denmark, NY
  • Mexico, NY
  • Jamaica, NY
  • Panama, NY
  • Russia, NY
  • Malta, NY
  • Cuba, NY
  • Greece, NY
  • Poland, NY
  • Sweden, NY
  • Jordan, NY
  • Peru, NY
  • Malta, OH
  • Poland, OH
  • Panama, OK
  • Japan, PA
  • Germany, PA
  • Norway, SC
  • Denmark, SC
  • Lebanon, SD
  • Scotland, SD
  • Denmark, TN
  • Jamaica, VT
  • Peru, VT
  • Trinidad, D.C.
  • Denmark, WI
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