This Grandma Let the World Know She Needed ‘More Beer’ During Quarantine — so Coors Made a Special Delivery (Video)

93-year-old Olive Veronesi is now an American icon.

We all have our priorities when it comes to self-quarantine.

To combat boredom, loneliness, or intense cravings, people need things to keep them comfortable while staying home to combat the spread of coronavirus. Some need lots of books to pass the time, some people need to video chat daily with friends and family, and some just need their preferred drink or snack to treat themselves after a long day.

For one woman in Pennsylvania, she needed more beer to get through these uncertain times. And she definitely got her wish, and then some.

Olive Veronesi, a 93-year-old Pittsburgh-area woman went viral last week after posting a photo of herself with a can of Coors Light and a dry erase board that proclaimed, “I need more beer!” We cannot think of anyone more relatable than Olive, to be honest.

After an outpouring of support from other beer lovers around the world, Veronesi finally got her wish thanks to Coors. Two representatives for the company made a special delivery to Veronesi on Monday, April 13. Since people around the world are being encouraged to continue social distancing, especially to protect vulnerable populations like senior citizens, the delivery was made according to CDC recommendations so Veronesi could safely enjoy her new stash of beer.

Coors Light sends a grandma several Coors Light beers
Courtesy of Coors Light

All in all, Coors delivered 10 cases of beer to Veronesi, about 150 cans, which will hopefully last her through the duration of quarantine measures in her area. She even cracked open a can on her front porch to celebrate her generous gift. Veronesi was asked how she is feeling during this pandemic, and she said, “I can still kick a football and if you like, hit a home run!”

Veronesi posted a new photo of herself and a dry erase board, which said: “Got more beer!” According to KDKA in Pittsburgh, Veronesi said she drinks a can of beer in the evening to relax. “It’s nice, something for a young lady,” Veronesi told KDKA.

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