Grab your beer goggles.

Starkenberger Brewery Austria Beer Pool
Credit: Courtesy of Starkenberger Bier

Take a refreshing dip in your favorite brew.

The Starkenberger brewery in Tarrenz, Austria, has swimming pools filled with beer, because water is so yesterday.

The 700-year-old brewery that sits within an ancient castle converted the pools from old vats that were no longer in use back in 2005.

The seven 13-foot-deep, heated swimming pools are filled with real beer and can be rented out for about $258 for a two-hour swimming session.

While the brewery expressly prohibits drinking the pool beer, mainly due to its heat and the fact that dozens of people swim in it each day, the beer itself has amazing benefits to the skin and your overall wellbeing.

Beer contains vitamins and calcium for softening the skin and soothing skin conditions, while the heat and hops can have a calming effect on the body and help increase circulation.

If you do feel a little parched, you can always order a nice pint of fresh beer to sip while you swim. There are 13 beers available at the brewery and tours are given throughout the day before or after your dip.