By Clint Carter
August 16, 2016
Brian Henn

Craft breweries are experimenting with old techniques and new styles to create even better classes of cold ones.

Tropical Beers

Adding real fruit (often mango, pineapple, or grapefruit) during the brewing process gives dimension to these beers.

Our Pick: Ballast Point Pineapple Sculpin

Barrel-Aged Brews

Oak-aged beers have evolved from intense stouts into subtler ales that are tart and refreshing.

Our Pick: Perennial Foeder Saison

East Coast IPAs

These ales are blasted with citrusy hop flavor and aroma, and they’re less bitter than traditional American IPAs.

Our Pick: Ithaca Flower Power India Pale Ale

Nitro Beers

Carbonating with nitrogen instead of CO2 scales back the bubbles for a silky, creamy texture. Today’s nitros include porters, ales, and IPAs.

Our Pick: Samuel Adams Nitro White Ale