Brew York has done a great public service for beer lovers.

By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw
July 12, 2016
New York Brewery Map
Credit: Google Maps

Maps are great for many things, and one website has found the best use yet: beer.

Brew York has crafted the ultimate utility for beer lovers in New York state: a map that includes information for every single brewery and brewpub in Empire State.

Looking for a spot open to the public with a restaurant or tap room? Check out the red dots. Curious what’s coming out next? Go to the orange markers to see the breweries that have pending licenses. A yellow spot indicates a brewery that’s licensed but closed to the public.

“The number of breweries in New York State continues to grow at a rapid clip,” according to Brew York. “By our count today, there are 275 brewing licensed facilities in New York state, including brewpubs. Another 29 have pending licenses, meaning they should be open soon. Excited about all these breweries? We sure are. So much so that we mapped them all out.”