By Andrea Romano
September 27, 2017
Courtesy of The Washhouse

You’ll be grabbing different kinds of suds at this laundromat.

Despite what it looks like, don’t expect to get any of your clothes clean at The Washhouse in Manchester, England.

The clever, speakeasy-style cocktail bar looks like a laundromat on the facade. However, by entering through a passageway (that is, naturally, through a door that looks like an oversized washing machine) you enter a classy, booth-lined bar.

Of course, there have still been some customers who have shown up at the speakeasy with bags of clothes. But the bar’s website states, “We don’t cater for all your laundry needs and more. Our friendly staff won’t take care of your washing and it’s probably best not to let them loose near a washing machine. But whether you are a local resident or a student, drop in and give us a spin.”

Courtesy of The Washhouse

The bar opened in 2015, and can only host about 40 people at a time. In the entryway, the “laundromat” part of the bar features (assumingly unoperational) washing machines, decorative laundry baskets, an old TV in the corner, and a fairly drab brick walls. But once you enter the bar, it’s filled with leather upholstery, a wooden bar and moody lighting.

Due to the restricted number of customers the bar can accommodate, the bar offers a special telephone number for reservations, which can be found on its website and Facebook page. The bar is strictly by reservation only.

Luckily, if you spill your drink, you might be able to convince the staff to let you wash your clothes right there — if you’re super nice about it.