Top Margaritas in Mexico City
Credit: Trinette Reed/Blend Images/Corbis

Perhaps contrary to popular belief, here in Mexico City, we don’t start all of our meals with a frozen margarita and a bowl of guacamole and tortilla chips. But truthfully, it wouldn’t hurt us to do it more often. Margaritas are refreshing, festive, and just plain delicious, plus they are an excellent way to kick off a night of partying or just make a meal a little more cheerful. Lots of bars and restaurants offer them on their drinks menu, from the most straightforward kinds, like lime and mango, to versions with an inventive twist, like Malamén’s fig-based drink. And if you’re feeling a little adventurous, margaritas are an excellent way to get yourself acquainted with mescal, if you are not familiar with it. At Cantina La No. 20, their sweet and tangy margarita de tamarindo tastes great when prepared with this smoky spirit. Read on for the top 5 margs in Mexico City.

Bonito Pop Food

Bonito means “pretty,” and you’ll definitely find yourself agreeing as soon as you settle down at the patio of this Condesa hotspot. Try the rib eye tacos or the duck enchiladas, and be sure to pair them with their very refreshing frozen fruit margarita, made with one of their many good tequilas available.

Surtidora Don Batiz

At this 21st century version of an old-school cantina in Polanco, you’ll find plenty of Mexican comfort food (albóndigas, bistec pasilla, tuna tostadas), as well as excellent frozen fruit margaritas. The most popular versions are the sweet-and-sour tamarindo, or the anti-hangover chamoy, a bomb of spicy condiments that will surely bring you back to life.


This hip restaurant, facing Polanco’s lovely Parque Lincoln, is inspired in a legendary Mexico City lady named Malamén. According to the restaurant’s folklore, their Lamartine Méndez Margarita (Tequila 1800 reposado, Cointreau, housemade fig jam, lime juice, brown sugar, fresh figs) sprung from her love for figs. Due to her superstition, she never drank from salt-rimmed glasses, which is why this icy beverage comes in a clean-rimmed mason jar.

Cantina La No. 20

With more than 250 tequilas in stock, it’s no wonder that the margaritas at this modern cantina are irresistible. But there’s more: they’re all made with fresh fruit. Choose from classics like strawberry and lime to more exotic versions like coconut, passion fruit, or super-refreshing cucumber.

La Imperial

Although the two locations of this bar are located inside modern shopping malls (Plaza Carso and Samara Shops), they manage to maintain the old-school charm of a traditional cantina. Their frozen margaritas only improve the experience: try the guanabana (soursop) or sweet zapote, both with a touch of lime juice.