By Andrea Romano
December 11, 2017
Courtesy of 360 Bar Budapest

Need a cold, frosty drink? Who not try having one in an igloo.

Of course, technically, we don’t mean going to a literal igloo made of ice. (Even though that's also a thing you can do.) They’re actually clever, heated domes made of PVC pipe, fixed to the rooftop of 360 Bar.

The bar is located at the top of the tallest building on Andrássy Avenue in Budapest, looking over the Hungarian Parliament, St. Stephen’s Basilica, Buda Castle, and Gellért Hill Citadella. Not a bad view for an igloo.

Courtesy of 360 Bar Budapest

The six rooftop igloos have electric heaters, zip-up doors, and blankets for guests to keep cozy, and are big enough to fit parties pf up to nine people. Plus, these domes are fitted with a transparent tent so you can enjoy a 360 view (get it? 360 bar?)

Each dome has a decor theme. While some are decorated to look positively tropical, others are a bit more wintry.

And Budapest isn’t the only city capitalizing on keeping their rooftop bars open all winter. New York City also has its own igloo bar, as does Boston, and London keeps the party alive in the dead of winter at the Coppa Club Bar and Restaurant.