By Evie Carrick
May 27, 2019
Courtesy of Slowly Shirley

With bars on practically every New York City corner, it’s hard to imagine a time when alcohol was prohibited and people had to meet secretly to enjoy a stiff drink. Today, the city is full of modern speakeasies that provide a taste of the thrill and secrecy experienced during the prohibition era — and arguably none are more popular than Slowly Shirley.

Courtesy of Slowly Shirley

Located under The Happiest Hour bar in the West Village, Slowly Shirley ticks all the boxes for an authentic speakeasy experience. Inside the lamplight-lit, subterranean bar, visitors are transported to the early '20s and '30s — when prohibition, the Jazz Age, and Hollywood’s Golden Age converged. Jazz music sets the tone along with Art Deco decor, and perhaps most importantly, libations are flowing.

Slowly Shirley offers guests access to a curated collection of rare and vintage spirits, and a seasonal cocktail menu with offerings like the Silencio Old Fashioned, a cocktail made with Amburana Cachaça, gin, Angostura, absinthe, and cane.

Courtesy of Slowly Shirley

The bar is open Tuesday through Sunday starting a 6 p.m. and also has a food, beer, and wine menu.