Where would-be-wizards can drink away their Muggle woes

By Charlotte Alter / Time.com and Time.com
September 10, 2015
harry potter themed bar
Credit: Alamy Stock Photo

They don’t have Butterbeer yet, but now there’s a bar in Toronto that will let you drink to your Harry Potter fandom.

The Lockhart bar, named after the not-so-effective Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, has a corner decorated like an apothecary, a hidden Deathly Hallows symbol, and drinks named things like “The Shacklebolt” and “Befuddlement Brew.” It’s where would-be-wizards can come drink away their muggle sorrows.

They can’t offer Butterbeer (because the name is copyrighted), but they do have drinks from other franchises, like “The Captain Picard.” They’re also planning on having Halloween parties and trivia nights.

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