This Legendary Berkshire Farmhouse Was Featured in a Bob Dylan Film — and You Could Buy It

The Dream Away Lodge is for sale for the first time in 25 years.

Dreamaway Lodge
Photo: Brandon White/Cohen + White Associates

If you live in the Berkshires, chances are you're familiar with The Dream Away Lodge. According to their site: "Rumored to have been a brothel and speakeasy during the Great Depression, this two hundred year old farmhouse at the edge of October Mountain State Forest is renown for its larger than life founders, Mama Maria Frasca and her three musical daughters, and a colorful history, rich in music and local mythology."

Dreamaway Lodge interior
Brandon White/Cohen + White Associates

This mythology includes a 1975 visit by Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie, Joan Baez, Allen Ginsberg, and the Rolling Thunder Revue, an appearance that was featured in Dylan's 1978 film "Renaldo and Clara." However Dylan isn't the only legendary musician to perform at this haunt in Becket, Massachusetts, and other performers over the years include Pete Seeger, J Mascis, and Langhorn Slim. This is even more impressive when you consider the fact that The Dream Away Lodge is literally off the beaten path. (Seriously. Their site encourages you to print back-up directions and not rely on GPS as not even computers are smart enough to navigate the back roads leading to the lodge.)

However, this is all part of the charm of the Dream Away Lodge, which is now on the market for the first time in 25 years. In addition to the building, the property includes the 43 acres of land it sits on as well as the contents and equipment of the existing business: 3,300 feet of finished space that is used right now as a restaurant, a professional kitchen, the bar and music room, an enclosed wrap-around porch, three half baths on the main level, and four bedrooms and one full bath on the second level. If you do buy it, just promise to invite us to visit once you put your own stamp on this iconic property.

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