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This story originally appeared on FWx.com

How attached are you to your hip hairstyle? It’s a question Brooklyn bar patrons will soon get to think about after a local bar has introduced their “Man Bun Special” offering “one full booze bottle in exchange for one bun removal.”

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Boobie Trap, a bar in the Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood that has already earned a reputation for being a bit irreverent, put up a sign promoting the strange haircutting special not long after Christmas, according to Brokelyn. Bar co-owner Kristen North told the site that the idea for the sign came from a friend. “I don’t think they’re cute and just think I’ve seen way too many of them last season and want to help along a new style sensation,” she was quoted as saying. As for how a patron can qualify for the special, she explained, “We’d film the amputation and pin the bun up on the wall.”

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North said that as of her January 3 conversation with Brokelyn no man bun-wearing male had actually taken the bar up on the offer. And now, it appears the bar might be sick of the viral story it created. A photo of the sign that was once posted to the drinking establishment’s Facebook page appears to have been pulled. And when the site Munchies reached out to Boobie Trap late last week, the bar declined to comment on the special that has earned it recognition far beyond its Bushwick roots.

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Local site Bushwick Patch said it got a similar response when reaching out to Boobie Trap via Facebook Messneger: “We are no longer commenting on the special,” the bar responded. “It was meant to be silly cause after all we are in the business of getting people drunk and that's all xoxo.”

With the move to “no comment” it’s not 100 percent clear whether the offer still stands or not. Speculation seems to be that despite Boobie Trap’s unwillingness to comment, the special may still exist. I’d say that if you have a man bun it’s worth a shot, however, in general, I’d never suggest anyone with a man bun show himself in public.