This Halloween, wait out the zombie apocalypse over a nice cold pint.

By Melissa Locker
October 20, 2015
Movie Bar
Credit: Courtesy of Videology

This Halloween, grab a cricket bat and a shovel and head to Videology, a Brooklyn video store and bar that will be transformed into the Winchester Tavern from Shaun of the Dead—a.k.a. the last safe place in London.

In the cult horror-comedy film starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, the Winchester is where Shaun and his friend Ed, his ex Liz, and the rest of their ragtag crew decide to wait out the zombie apocalypse over a nice cold pint. Although things at the Winchester don’t stay calm, the beer is cold, the walls are strong, and the dartboard comes in quite handy.

Fans of the film—or just fans of a good time—can spend Halloween within the safe, strong walls of Videology, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, during an all-day tribute to Shaun of the Dead. Videology will stage a complete transformation by bringing in Winchester accouterments like a jukebox, a (fake) Winchester rifle, and a billiards table with plenty of pool sticks for fending off zombie hoards. (For those who’d rather infiltrate the walking dead, there will be a zombie dance party and a makeup artist providing zombie makeovers.) There will also be a Shaun of the Dead photo booth, and the bartenders will be dressed as characters from the film. And, of course, the movie will be playing on a loop until 4 a.m.